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One. What is cylinder mattress? What do you do with it?

The mattress is located between the cylinder head and body and cylinder bed. Its function is to fill the cylinder body and the cylinder cover between micro pore, guarantee combined with surface has good sealing property, thereby ensuring the combustion chamber sealing against water leakage and water leakage in cylinder.

Along with the continuous strengthening the internal combustion engine, the thermal and mechanical load are increasing, cylinder gasket seal is getting more and more important. On the structure and material requirements are: at high pressure and high temperature and high corrosion gas under the condition of having sufficient strength, heat resistance; many loss or deterioration, corrosion resistance; has certain flexibility, can compensation combined with surface roughness, in order to ensure the sealing; long service life.

Two cylinder mattress classification?

Applied widely at present has the following kinds of cylinder head gasket:

A metallic cylinder gasket, asbestos asbestos. The sandwiching a metal wire or metal shavings, and coated with copper or steel. The steel pad thickness of 1.2~2mm has good elasticity and heat resistance, can be used repeatedly, but poor strength, thickness and quality is not uniform.

Another is the use of a solid metal sheet. The pad is used in strengthening the engine, in cars and racing on the use of this. This liner in need to seal the cylinder bore and the hole and oil hole punching out a certain height ribs ribs, using elastic deformation to achieve sealing.

In addition to the center with the developed steel mesh or perforated steel skeleton on both sides with asbestos and rubber binder is pressed into the cylinder head gasket.

The three resulting in engine cylinder pad damage cause?

Water circulation system failure, causing the water to flow, so that the engine internal high temperature of water vaporization, forming a high pressure steam through the cylinder pad, into the internal engine.

Water circulating failure causes, the most common is the thermostat failure, there is a fracture in the water pipe, water pipe plug, electronic fan doesn't work properly, leading to normal cooling water tank. It doesn't matter appears to be associated with the replacement of oil.

Confirmation of cylinder gasket destroyed easily: open the oil filler cap, there will be large yellow foam, is due to the crankcase inlet; opening the water tank cover, can see traces of oil.

The thermostat failure, water temperature reaches a set temperature nor conduction. Typical phenomenon: the engine water temperature is extremely high, water temperature is very cold. Pipe blockage phenomenon of similar.

Many people think that the pipe rupture have water leakage phenomenon, but in fact it is not. There are many plastic parts, crack, only when water temperature is very high up steam, water will not flow down. But when the temperature drops down, because the pressure disappeared and the expansion and contraction of the cause of crack, water pipe is closed, the water can not flow out. The way of judgment, when the water temperature is too high, not flameout, after stopping to open the hood, it is easy to find leak.

Electronic fan does not work: when the water temperature is higher than 90 degrees graduated more time, car parking, open the hood, observation of electronic fan whether normal? If does not rotate, it is electronic fan fault. Comparison of multiple relay failure.

Four cylinder pad is bad what symptom?

Car 1 cylinder car mat is broken, inhalation of the gas mixture of the engine in the compressed process will leak, can cause the engine is faint, or will cause the engine compression ratio is inadequate ignition cannot start (also common in single cylinder misfire occurs when the engine is at idle speed and low jitter powerful car weakness ).

2 most easily determine is cooling water ( antifreeze ) with oil and cooling water consumption are quick, the water temperature is high. Open the tank cover, water in the water to see to the surface of the water, can see the surface of the water with a layer of oil ( this is for lubricating cylinder, piston oil in the upward movement of the piston pressure inlet into the compressed gas coolant ). High water temperature, cold start engine missing cylinder may appear: shortage of water, lack of oil, oil, oil water inside the water in the pale, white smoke exhaust pipe has water inside, blue smoke from burning oil, car boring serious when the car failed to start. Engine boring, waterways in the water deficit, oil bearing oil loss.


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